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Aloha and Welcome

The University of Hawai'i at Manoa, College of Social Sciences Public Policy Center ("PPC") brings together expertise, commitment, and a strong desire to enhance the quality of community life through teaching, research, civic engagement and interdisciplinary work towards the development and analysis of good public policies.

The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum

The Hawai'i Energy Policy Forum
A unique experiment in collaborative energy planning and policy making. It includes representatives from business, government, and the community. The intent is to incorporate many different perspectives and the broadest possible experience into the design of a flexible, forward-looking energy strategy.
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Public Policy Center

The Center's faculty and staff: Morgen Johansen, Susan Chandler, Sharon Moriwaki (Miyashiro) and Diane Sakai.

Public Policy Courses

The Center offers two undergraduate courses; PPC 301 Governing and Politics and PPC 330 Survey of Public Policy and Analysis; and one graduate course, PPC 695 Topics: Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis. For upcoming classes visit: University of Hawai'i at Manoa - Class Availability.

The Center also offers an Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. in Public Affairs and Policy Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy.

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy is presently not being offered.